Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jury Duty Forever

What is missing from this picture?  Me

Regular readers may recall that I spent a week at the county courthouse this month on jury duty.  

After days of desultory testimony on a pretty minor civil matter, my fellow jurors and I were dismissed.  Over a weekend, the parties had agreed to a settlement between themselves.  My guess is that they could have reached the same conclusion without dragging the matter into a courtroom. 

I thought the whole business was over last Wednesday when I received a generous $55 check in the mail for my five days of service.   

But no.  Two days later, another notice came from the county.  I have been ordered again to present myself at the courthouse for -- you guessed it -- jury duty.

This is par for the course in my experience.  Some people win drawings for exotic cruise vacations.  I get summonses for jury duty.

I just looked up the law on this and learned two things.  

On the plus side, my state does not require me to appear for jury duty more than once every three years.  With a little effort, I can arrange to be excused. 
    (I am not a digital savant, but I have a question:  Couldn't the county database be programmed not to summon citizens who have been jurors within the last three years? At this rate and with my luck, I will get 150 jury notices by July 2018.  Seems like a waste of paper and postage.)

On the minus side, I am still eligible for federal jury duty.  

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