Friday, March 18, 2016

The New Look in Makeup

The new look.  (This is not a photo of Theidiosyncratist.)

I had my makeup "done" not long ago in preparation for an event.  I like to call myself a makeup minimalist, but I will concede that, in my case, "minimal" could be a synonym for "lazy."

Anyway, the experience was interesting, and I learned a lot about how the girls are doing their faces these days.  

Some Impressions

1.  Skin.  I used to wear tinted moisturizer, at least occasionally.  When my last bottle ran out, I didn't replace it.  I don't have a bunch of spots on my skin, after all.  This, I learned, is not the current fashion.
     The makeup expert started her work by applying a number of products.  In order, as best I can recall, were these:  serum, moisturizer, "correction" around the eyes, "mattifying" foundation cream, three different shades of powdered highlights, all-over flat powder and, finally, powdered blush. 
     I'm no expert on these matters, but by this point when I looked in the mirror it appeared that my face had been spackled. 

2.  Eyes.  This was more normal.  Some lightish-neutral cream around the lids, then eyeliner.  Black eyeliner.  
      "Do you want tails?" the makeup gal asked.
       "Tails?" I asked.  
       She showed me a picture. It looked like this.

        "Maybe not this time," I said. The woman shrugged and then drew narrow black lines across my eyelids.
        Then she brushed some lightly sparkled highlighter under my eyebrows.
        Then she brushed some dark brown powder into my eyebrows and used a tiny comb to
shape them.
        Finally, she applied several layers of mascara, blotting between each.
        "How's that?" she asked.
        I looked in the mirror.  Here I will use a popular current expression:  My eyes "popped."
        "Not bad," I admitted.
3.  Lips.  "Lips today are dramatic," she said.  She offered several suggestions.

        "I was thinking of something a little more, well, normal," I said.    So she came up with some   colors like these, which are more like what I see at parties and in restaurants these days.  

         I picked a shade like the one on the left.  The makeup master found a matching pencil and crayoned my lips all over with that.  Then she repeated the process with the lipstick and a small brush.  
         Then she applied what must have been some kind of clear sealant -- the lipstick didn't smear as much as I had expected later when I had a glass of wine.  Definitely a plus.

In Summary

So here is the the overall look of the moment:  matte foundation with highlights and blush; black eyeliner, often with tails; black mascara; occasional eyeshadow, but not the smoky stuff; arched brows and carefully applied lipstick in a strong red tone.

More pictures --


After the facial artist was done and while she processed my credit card payment, I studied my reflection in the mirror.  I didn't look like myself, exactly, but except for the face spackle, the result was pretty good.  

Then I checked my watch and realized the process had taken much longer than I expected.  It occurred to me that maybe I should spend more time, or at least some time, on makeup every day.

When the makeup gal returned, I asked her how long it took her to do her own face each morning.

"About 90 minutes," she said.  "But if I'm in a real hurry, I can get the job done in a half hour."  

I tried not to goggle in shock.  

In these matters, I think the minimalist look suits me best, after all.  

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