Friday, June 3, 2016

Gawker Again


I planned to discuss the First Amendment implications of  the Hulk Hogan(Terry Bollea) v. Gawker court decision, but I dragged my heels.  There is only so much vulgarity that I can take in a given period.

Fortunately, I found a thoughtful analysis that I am happy to share with readers.  You can find it on, or you can go directly to and find David Newhoff's very readable post there.

Other notes about Gawker:

      -- Gawker's founder, Nick Denton, married in 2014 in a six-hour ceremony at the New York Museum of Natural History.  His local prominence was enough to merit a big takeout in the New York Times with an associated online slide show of 17 photos.  Not as big a deal as Chelsea Clinton's wedding, but a pretty big deal.

      -- Recently Gawker has been working to convert itself from a scandal sheet into a political website.  Assuming it survives.  Either way, I'm not going to follow it.

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