Sunday, July 24, 2016

Too Much Television


This morning I went to the Exxon station to fill up the car.

As soon as I started, a screen on the gas pump burst to life, and I saw Seth Myers saying something.  Then there were a couple commercials.

I resented this.  It's not that I meditate when I'm at the gas station or anything, but that doesn't mean I want to spend the time watching television either.

If you think about it, television has invaded all the little quiet spaces in our lives.

There's a television blaring "news" in the waiting lounge of the airport.

There's a television tuned to CNBC at the Fidelity office.

There's a television running food shows and advertisements as you wait in the line at the grocery store.

There are TWO televisions, always on, in the changing room at the gym.

There are televisions running in mani-pedi parlors.

There's a television broadcasting old movies in the doctor's waiting room.

There's a television running daytime dreck while the dental hygienist scrapes the crud off your teeth.

Enough, I say.

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