Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First Cows, Now This

We all have heard of cow tipping.  It was a rural joke, probably more discussed than done, back when the country was a more rural place.  Perpetrators were usually young men having fun and not thinking about the consequences.

Below is an illustration of the general procedure.

Cows are ungainly animals.  No doubt, once they are tipped over, they are hard to set right.  The sight of a tipped cow on the back 40 must have exasperated a farmer in the same way I was exasperated one morning when I found dried-egg splats all over the sunroom windows.

Kids having fun.  A lot of work for grownups the next day.  It's an old theme.

A few days ago in San Francisco, four people woke to find a new version of tipping had occurred.  Here are a few pictures.

Turns out the SmartCar, a minicar with two seats, can be tipped over with relative ease and in almost any direction.  My guess is that, as in cow-tipping episodes of years past, young men having fun were the culprits.

Police in San Francisco are threatening charges of felony vandalism and looking for two suspects wearing black hoodies.

Two people wearing hoodies?  In San Francisco?  Really?

Good luck with that, I think.


  1. I guess the urban tippers are not quite as strong as their rural counterparts. At least cows can get up by themselves.

  2. Interesting. As news gets out, this practice may spread. Think of the market opportunities: Anti-tipping devices, one each for every side of the SmartCar. Or, Re-righting devices to be sold to every AAA outlet in the country/world.