Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Women's Fashions: Summer Footwear

I spent a while looking online today for the new looks in sandals and summer shoes.   Here is what I found.

1.  The big theme is flats.  Flat flats.  You will still be able to buy four-inch heels, of course, but there will be more of them than usual on the sale racks when stores start rolling out their fall merchandise.

2.  Here are two big shapes for this summer.

      First is this.

    Second is a flip-flop with a back strap.  I think we were all getting tired of tromping around in flip-flops anyway.

     Notice that there are a lot of bright-colored sandals out there.

     Note also that there are still some gladiator sandals being offered.  Not many, though.

3.  Flats like these, usually with rather pointy toes, are a big deal this year.  They might be nice to wear if you are going out in the city and you don't want street crud getting between your toes.

 4.  There will still be a number of backless sandals.  This year, they are called "slides."  Some of them, although not these below, look an awful lot like Birkenstocks.  I don't think Birkenstocks will be a big fashion theme this summer.

5.  Look for a number of thick-soled, frankly clunky sandals as well.

       Below are some offerings from Miuccia Prada, the famous and influential Italian designer.  She              always seems to introduce very unusual looks, but the only ones I have seen in my town have              been the once-ubiquitous black nylon handbags with the chrome Prada plate on the front.

         I am not sure that these will catch on with fashionistas, but they might sell well in
         orthopedic shoe stores.  You never know.

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