Thursday, April 30, 2015

Another Day, Another Coyote

The NYPD has cornered and captured another coyote, this one in Middle Village, Queens.  The animal was tranquilized and carted off Tuesday evening.

It appears the police department is developing a new sideline -- ridding New York City of wild animals of the nonhuman variety.  

This may be a futile project.   A 2006 state publication estimated that New York was home to as many as 30,000 coyotes.  Since hunting coyotes appears to be much limited in the Empire State, there is a good chance that the population has grown even larger in the last nine years.

The publication also said coyotes could be found everywhere in New York except Long Island and New York City.  Hahaha with that.

The coyote found Tuesday in Queens, an NYC borough, probably traveled there from Long Island.  And the cops have captured and relocated at least four coyotes in Manhattan already this year.  It's a safe guess that there are more, possibly many more, coyotes roaming the Big Apple.

In fact, the city has an Animal Care and Control authority, which appears to spend most of its time treating and finding homes for pets.  Perhaps it is time to broaden the "control" element of its remit to dealing with wild animals that have taken to life in the metropolis.  

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