Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Jersey Warnings

This blog is about nothing if not public service.  Today I share two cautions:

Black Bears Still Trending  

If you are coming to my house, be aware that two more black bears have been spotted in the neighborhood -- one four blocks to the southeast and another about 10 blocks to the northwest.  We got a phone call just this morning about the latter one.

If you are walking, you might want to get yourself some bear spray.  It's popular with hikers and can be purchased with handy holster carriers.  Bear spray creates a 20- to 35-foot fog of capsaicinoids, hot pepper derivatives that are said to discourage closer approaches. 

The local outdoor store has experienced a run on bear spray recently but does have three cans left at $60 a pop.  The clerk said his mother saw a black bear on her block in town last week and that he saw one in a tree near his home in Cranford recently.

I'm just saying.

A Not-Very-Nice Woman

I don't know this woman, but you might want to keep an eye out for her.  She was arrested recently after a deli store videocam caught her stealing a charity jar filled with $300 raised to help children suffering from RETT Syndrome, a rare disease that affects the gray area of the brain.

Police also believe she pilfered a tip jar from a Chinese restaurant.  The investigation continues.

Before you conclude that this is another thoughtless New Jersey resident, let me point out that she only moved here last year from Florida. 

She was arrested in 2013 in Florida for stealing a collection jar for an animal rescue organization, which seems kind of cold when you consider that her Facebook page indicates she is devoted to at least one pet dog and not long ago mourned the passing of another.

My guess is that if she saw parents give their children candy in the playground in the park, she'd go after the candy too.  She's 48 years old, old enough to know better.

I'm not going to share her name -- internet shaming is nasty and would not help her -- but if you see her, clutch your pocketbook tight.

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