Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Late in Life Parents

If you are a newspaper subscriber, you probably saw this story today. 

A husband and wife were surprised to find themselves new parents after 22 years of childless marriage.  The mother is 47.

Apparently, they were willing all along to have children, but never did. 

Recently, the mother found her menses had stopped and she was gaining weight.  As she explained it, she thought her body was turning into her mother's body.  (In middle age, it is not uncommon for women's bodies to thicken around the middle.)

On a recent night, the wife went to the emergency room with incredible abdominal pain.  Shortly afterward, a daughter was born.  Here the parents are, and both look pleased.  They named their daughter Carolyn Rose.

I traced this story back to the Massachusetts broadcaster that released it first and to the reactions of television viewers.

The hostility surprised me.  

Many commenters seemed to find it incredible that a 47-year-old woman did not consider that she might be pregnant after 22 years of childless marriage.  

Others suggested that the woman's husband might not be the father.

What a bunch of jerks.

I append here some less hostile comments from the local television station:
     Yeah happened to my friend's folks too. She was 46, he 48 and were just about 
     to celebrate their 30-year anniversary. She was in a small rural hospital with 
     severe pains and they did an X-ray and found him. He was born 20 min after spotted.

     I've known Judy for close to 25 years. She's very intelligent and she didn't have 
     the usual symptoms. I saw her myself not long ago when she had to have been 
     5-6 months along and she didn't show at all.

     Jason and Judy are thrilled. They will be great parents. They are both fun loving 
     and energetic. Jason is not a smiley person, but is over the moon. Congrats cuz

Friends in their neighborhood are scrambling to get all the baby stuff Carolyn Rose will require when she gets home.  Good for them.

I have been fortunate enough to be a parent myself.  I wish these two people well.

Babies are blessings, however they come.

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