Thursday, November 26, 2015

Platform Shoes Fall Flat

I do a lot of walking, and so I am always interested in comfortable shoes, particularly ones that don't look like clodhoppers. 

This has been a bit of a challenge this season.  

Many footwear designers seem to have decided that, if platform soles look good on summer sandals, then why not make platform oxfords and platform loafers?  It has been a "thing" this fall.  

 I append pictures of basic black models here.  (Unfortunately some of these shoes have been rendered in pretty strange colors -- bright pink, say, or red with gold stars.)

All these shoes are from popular designers, but I'm not naming names.  Who among us has not made a mistake at one time or another?  

I will note that many of these styles are being offered at marked-down prices.

To their credit, most design houses seem to have hedged their bets by offering sleek oxfords and loafers that do not have platform soles.  I think we'll be seeing even more of them next year.

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