Friday, August 1, 2014

Fall Fashions -- Women's Pants

(I apologize to my readers for the many spacing errors in this post.  Blogspot does not allow me to synch words and pictures as I arrange them with what ends up on my blog.   I plan to move theidiosyncratist to a different location later this year.)

I'm looking for a few new pairs of pants for the fall, and this is what I'm seeing in on-line catalogs.

Narrow but not tight

Here are some pants I found on the Zappos website.  They are much less fitted, in the legs anyway, than the tight pants and jeans that have been popular for several years now.

Here are some others from the Nordstrom sale that is ending in a couple days.  These seem mostly to be hemmed above the ankle, unlike the Zappos models above, which possibly are designed to be worn with the hems rolled up.

 Here are some of the more expensive jeans on sale at Nordstrom.

Again, narrow but not tight-tight.

I think these pants will require some rethinking of what shirts or blouses would look best with them.  When jeans and leggings were very tight, many women wore wide tunic tops, or at least long cardigan sweaters, for the obvious reasons.  Now we are seeing crop tops, slimmer shirts to be tucked in, bodysuits and shorter cardigans and jackets.


Both Zappos and Nordstrom continue to offer leggings in different lengths, different colors and a number of frankly lurid prints.  Even jeggings (leggings styled and colored to look like jeans) can still be found. I am convinced these styles are ending, albeit more slowly than I would have predicted a year or so ago.  Last week, I was surprised to find a rack of jeggings on sale at my grocery store, which is not a spot where fashion-forward women buy their clothes.  Who knows?

 Wider Pants

The Nordstrom sale also features this wool crepe straight-legged pant, which seemed to sell well.  Women who had the pant in other colors bought more and said these were great, that they didn't wrinkle much and could be dressed up, for work or evening events, or down for any non-gym occasion.

Of course, this kind of pant never went out of style.  Women's suits pretty much always have been marketed with pants like these.  Every woman should have several pairs in her closet.  

Much Wider Pants

Neiman Marcus is often a leader in new fashion looks, and so I checked its website for what is coming.

Left is an Eskandar pant, paired at right with a very loose, oversized top.

 I'm skeptical about these pants with such high heels but, more, with a top you'd expect to find in a plus-size department.

Here's another Eskandar pant, left, also at NM.

I like this pant's shape, but I sure wouldn't wear it with the drapey, big crocheted tank top, seen right, that is featured in the catalog listing.

I don't meant to imply that Neiman does not offer skinny jeans or leggings; it does, of course.  But its newer pieces may suggest the silhouettes we will see in coming seasons.

Finally, I looked at a designer online site, Farfetch.  I don't know if I see myself in these outfits in the future (the prices are steep), but I do like them.

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