Friday, August 8, 2014

News Chicks

I don't spend much time watching TV news.  There are moments, following plane crashes or after war reports from the Middle East or when I am watching CNBC while sweating on the stair machine at the gym, when I tune in.  

What surprises me is how many of the women sitting at news desks or moderating discussions are blonde, and how most have long, beautifully arranged hair.  Just about all of them wear bright colored, sleeveless dresses. 

You'd almost think that television news operations were pitching female news anchors for their sex appeal and not for their journalistic talents.  

The men sitting next to these women wear business suits with long-sleeved shirts and neckties.  Think about it:  Either the men must be uncomfortably warm or the women uncomfortably cool at the news desks.  These are the sacrifices that true professionals make for television news prominence.

It took me about two minutes to assemble this lineup of television newswomen from publicity photos that the networks -- all of them -- posted on the internet.

I worked a few years as a print journalist, and probably just as well.  My face and figure were perfect for blocks of type illustrated by photographs that had something to do with the stories I reported.

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