Saturday, September 6, 2014


Sometimes when I'm bored, I click onto a crowdfunding website and see what's up.

You have heard of crowdfunding. You go online and choose places to give money.  Many, like gofundme, are charity fundraisers.  Others, including indiegogo and kickstarter, are used by people who have interesting ideas for products or art projects or companies.

Serious amounts of money  -- for ideas very small to quite large -- are being raised by crowdfunding sites.

Here are three items I found just now on the Fashion section of Kickstarter.  All are fully funded, but you still can contribute and, if you give enough money, you will get one of the products that is being promoted.

Above is Raindeer Sweatshirt, offered by a guy in Portland, Ore., who wrote "Back in the 80s my dad designed and screenprinted Reindeer Sweatshirts for the family.  It's time to do another batch." The innovator collected 772 percent of what he asked, a total of $2,315.  Five days to go.

Next up is "Holographic Brogue Shoes for men/women Full leather," from London.  The same marketer has developed and listed chrome leather brogues as well.  (These must be aimed at fashion-forward young people.)  Anybody who pitches in 49 pounds (British) or more gets a pair.  This idea is 106 percent funded at 2,342 pounds with 10 days to go.

Finally, and of course from Brooklyn, are Tricera Hi-Tops, "solving society's problem of a lack of wearable dinosaurs."  It's 181 percent funded with $45,389, and if you get in with the right pledge within five days, you can get a pair for yourself.  The company seems to be planning follow-on dinosaur fashions.

I did not choose to contribute to any of these projects, but sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it in a picture.

It's always fun to look.

Tomorrow: Sense and Crowdfunding

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