Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ooh Ooh Ooh Shut Up

Every summer seems to have a big popular song.  This year that song is "Shut Up and Dance."  This is a very unfortunate circumstance. 

I have posted a video of it above, but I honestly cannot recommend that you watch or, worse, listen to it.  It is repetitious, very very repetitious, and just plain awful.  

Once you have heard its four-bar theme, you will hear it constantly:  At the gym.  In every grocery store, hair salon, drug store and boutique.  In all restaurants and bars.  On car radios.   At the beach. 

It pounds into your skull again and again and again until you want to scream for it to stop.  But you are a reasonable person. You realize that you cannot make it stop.  You cannot take your hammer and destroy every machine that bleats out "Shut Up and Dance" several times each hour.  

All you can do is retreat to a dark, silent room and breathe deeply until your composure returns.  Then you must stay in the dark, silent room until the torture ends.

If you are lucky, that will be sometime in September.

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