Saturday, January 2, 2016

Bittersweet Holidays

Regular readers know that the Idiosyncratist can blather on pretty regularly on just about any topic. That said, I generally avoid posting about personal matters.

Sometimes life intervenes, however.

Last month,  I learned that a dear friend was in declining health.  She had seemed to triumph over a serious cancer five years ago and then, two years later, a recurrence.  She was a strong woman, never complaining, who largely kept such matters to herself.

After Christmas -- only after Christmas -- did she reveal that the rest of her life was measured in days, not weeks or months or years.

On December 31, surrounded by family, she died.

She was a great friend and an estimable woman, far better than me.  She lived in grace.  She left the world better than she found it.

I am grieving.

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