Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The New Sweater

Those who know me will attest that the Idiosyncratist is no fashion plate.  But I do keep my eyes open, and I observed a new trend in women's knitwear yesterday.

It is the long, long cardigan sweater.    Here are a few that I spotted on the Nordstrom website.  Later, I saw several others in shop windows on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, the current millenial hot spot in Venice, CA.

Keeping Warm

If you must know, I have been looking for warm sweaters because, as usual, I packed the wrong clothes for my latest trip.  (Packing the wrong stuff is a sort of specialty of mine, not that I'm proud of it.)

Obviously, these sweaters are longer than the long sweaters we saw in the legging/jegging period a few years back.  In those days, if women weren't wearing tunics they were wearing cardigans that covered the derriere, and for the obvious reasons.

These new, longer sweaters seem to be paired with slim pants, but not tight-tight ones (fewer of which I'm seeing this winter.)

Stores and websites are pitching the new sweaters as "coat alternatives," perhaps in reaction to the global warming trend we read about so often these days.

In fact, retailers were reported to have started 2016 with large inventories of unsold cold-weather coats.  The news has been taken as further evidence of a general decline in department-store shopping and sales.

This, I think, goes too far.  I have spent many cold winters in the Northeast, and I have never purchased a warm coat before January.  Two reasons.  First, the weather doesn't get really chilly until sometime after the new year begins.  Second, retailers always panic and mark down prices on coats after the holiday season has ended.

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