Friday, September 18, 2015

Chunky Heels

I paged through several fashion magazines the other day and learned what I need to look for in shoes this season:  Chunky heels.

Let me start with Chanel and some popular shoes from its fall 2015 line:


                                                                     MARC JACOBS

Here are a couple chunkies from the well-loved American designer.  Like Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and many other famous trend-setters, he is showing high-heeled, chunky lace-ups.

He also includes a variation on ankle boots, which I describe as "high-top ankle boots."  These are very popular in the fashion magazines this year.


As you can see, this fashion line is all in on the chunky heel.  Notice velvet versions of the previously referenced high-top ankle boot as well as velvet sandals for fall and winter wear.  If rainy or snowy weather arrives and you have an UberBLACK account, definitely go ahead and buy some of these. 


This chunky-heeled shoe is a variation on the Mary Jane, which is instantly recognizable to every woman who once was a child.

    (Let me digress.  Below is a classic Mary Jane.  These shoes are still staples of 
    young girls' wardrobes.  

     (The pair I remember from my childhood also were of black patent leather, but the 
     cross straps had hinges, or something similar, that could pivot them behind the 
     ankle, turning the shoes into what we now would call flats, or possibly ballet flats.  
     How I loved those shoes!)

Anyway, back to Prada.  Its Mary Janes are also available in a neutral color (below) and a two-toned pink patent-leather version that has been featured often in magazine layouts.

Other shoe manufacturers are piling on to this trend.  Suffice it to say, if you crave a pair of chunky-heeled Mary Janes, you will no trouble finding a pair this season.


These shoes may not be daring, but they are attractive and of the moment.  They look comfortable for occasions when you must walk more than a block to your restaurant or when you must stand for an hour or so at a cocktail reception. You can't go wrong with Calvin.


These are the chunkiest chunky heels I have seen.  They make me imagine a sleek jet parked on the back of a truck.  I also wonder, now that we all are supposed to wear tights or -- dare it be said -- pantyhose again, what injury or snags might result if you raised your leg to scratch an itch on your ankle.


Some women -- the really disciplined ones -- favor tall thin-heeled shoes, and good for them.  Below are a few of the newest ones for this fall and winter.  There are, as always, many others.

If this is your look, worry not.  These shoes will be available always, especially on the markdown racks at the end of the season.  

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