Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Paperwhite Project

Nobody ever has compared me to Martha Stewart, but I want to share an easy and rewarding project that has worked even for me.  If you start within the next few weeks, you will have a pleasant display to brighten your home during the holiday season. 

You need only three elements:

     -- A tall vase or vases.  The ones here are 13 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.
     -- Small rocks of any sort.  (I got these and the vases at Target.)
     -- Four paperwhite bulbs for each vase.  (Do not buy packaged bulbs at 
         Home Depot; go to a real nursery that sets out large baskets of these
         and pick good-sized, healthy bulbs.)

Here is the procedure:

1.  Fill the vases with three to four inches of the small rocks.

2.  Set the paperwhite bulbs, stringy sides down, on top of the rocks.

3.  Fill the vases with water to the bottom of the bulbs.  The idea is not
     to drown the bulbs but rather to keep their feet wet.

4.  Set the vases and bulbs in a sunny spot in your house.

5.  Add water as needed.

I am starting my paperwhites next week.  I'll post a few update photos as they grow.

(Hint:  Below is a picture of where this is going.)

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