Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Next Big Roller Coaster

New Jersey opened the Labor Day Weekend with yet another fabulous roller coaster ride. It is called El Diablo and has a big cute devil statue (below) near its opening run. 

The location is the Six Flags park in Jackson, New Jersey.  

(Six Flags built its first park in Arlington, TX, and named it after the six flags that had flown over the Lone Star state:  Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America, and the Confederate States of America.  Now there are almost 20 Six Flags parks in North American, and almost nobody remembers the origins of the name.)  

Anyway, back to the new entertainment.  

According to the Six Flags people: 

      "El Diablo is an utterly unique seven story tall looping steel coaster which towers 
      over the Plaza del Carnaval section of the park.

       "You’ll face off against other riders in specially designed seats which bolt up and 
       back the looped track like a pendulum, higher and higher until you’re suspended
       completely upside down in mid-air!

       "Then El Diablo gains enough momentum to soar through a full 360 degree loop, 
       again and again and again! The steel beast can even change directions, 
       halfway through the loop!"

Sounds great if you are a roller coaster enthusiast. The ride opened a couple days ago, and already many people have posted twitter videos of their experiences.

Here is a general image of El Diablo.

As regular readers may recall, I am not a fan of fancy roller coasters or other crowded entertainments.  While my home is in New Jersey, I have yet to attend a concert of either Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen, each of whom is popular in the state and featured regularly on the playlist at my local gym.  

But when I read of this weekend's opening of the El Diablo coaster, I thought, why not give it try? 

I consulted the Significant Other and the younger person.  Alas, the only result was an unfortunate series of recollections of allegedly comparable experiences travelling in cars when I have been behind the wheel.

Gentle readers, here is your alternative:  Drop by my home on grocery day, or spend many hours and dollars traveling to Jackson, N.J. to ride El Diablo.

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